Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Shirley Bates: Crimpton, Krompton, Canary Bridge



Shirley Bates released one other 45 on Fabor. It sounds nothing like this --but the b-side is an otherwise unrecorded track by Eden Ahbez!

Dalton, James & Sutton: One Time Around

Beautiful yearning Byrdsy country-rock tune from 1967. Ringing guitars and a painful hook.

Never seen a stock copy.

Smokey & His Sister: Creators of Rain

Haunting, beautiful, visionary, and better than anything on the (merely good) lp.

My cat pissed on the cool pic sleeve.

Scott Wesley Brown: ep

Listen to two songs. This guy's music changed radically later on... I reckon he's ashamed of this little ep nowadays.

Tylers & Boyd: Childhood Memories

You can't tell me this song is happy.

Hubert Pattison: Bareback Ride

You can't tell me this song isn't happy.