Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Shirley Bates: Crimpton, Krompton, Canary Bridge



Shirley Bates released one other 45 on Fabor. It sounds nothing like this --but the b-side is an otherwise unrecorded track by Eden Ahbez!

Dalton, James & Sutton: One Time Around

Beautiful yearning Byrdsy country-rock tune from 1967. Ringing guitars and a painful hook.

Never seen a stock copy.

Smokey & His Sister: Creators of Rain

Haunting, beautiful, visionary, and better than anything on the (merely good) lp.

My cat pissed on the cool pic sleeve.

Scott Wesley Brown: ep

Listen to two songs. This guy's music changed radically later on... I reckon he's ashamed of this little ep nowadays.

Tylers & Boyd: Childhood Memories

You can't tell me this song is happy.

Hubert Pattison: Bareback Ride

You can't tell me this song isn't happy.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wayne, Pat and Keith 45

Turn it way way up. Absymal recording. This completely great song features gnomic explosions and accuses Satan of stealing cars.

Marshall Hill: Shapes

Obscure New Jersey cover of the Michel Polnareff tune. I like this better than the original..

Every song called "Shapes" is good.

Damian & Co: There's No Horizon

This bleak song gets it. But a song called "It's All Horizon" would have been just as bleak.

Sad locals, long ago.